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July 15, 2019
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August 12, 2019


In this blog post, I share how to promote excellence in three steps.

Excellence is not perfection. What a relief, right?

Excellence is giving your best, achieving the best results within given conditions.

This does not mean to accept all conditions but to find creative ways and resources to do the best YOU can.

As a recovering perfectionist, I have to constantly work on my expectations of myself and of those around me.

This is so crucial in leadership.

I have high standards for myself when it comes to discipline and performance.

But if those standards are irrational or unachievable for myself or the people I lead, it might cause more damage than anything.

The last thing anyone wants is to feel like a failure.

I have learned over the years in life and leadership that expecting high standards comes with a cost not everyone is willing to pay.

To promote excellence in your team, I suggest these 3 steps:
  1. Set the example and work hard
    If you want the best version of your people, you need to be the best version of yourself.
    If you expect excellent customer service, for example, ask yourself how you are role-modelling this expectation.
  2. Communicate your realistic expectations clearly
    Assuming you know your people well, you know their capabilities. It is ok to challenge and push people to higher levels as long as they are willing.
    Encourage them to find creative ways to achieve excellence and to give THEIR best, not yours or anyone else’s on the team.
    They have unique qualities that will benefit both you and your team.
  3. Follow up and give constructive feedback
    Cheering your people on to meet their goals is a very effective way to achieve excellence.
    Encourage them that their best will be enough and keep them accountable actually to give their best.
    Remind them of their capabilities and that you believe in them.

There also might be the misconception that trying to get away from perfectionism means doing average.

I know from myself this can hold us back from achieving excellence.

It’s almost like ‘if I can’t do it perfectly I should not do it at all’. This is a trap.

Your best is enough!

Excellence is giving your best, not striving for perfection.

If you agree or have any other thoughts, feel free to share or leave a comment or contact me here.

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Happy Friday everyone (or whatever day you’re reading this)!


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