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December 9, 2019
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January 31, 2020

2020 Vision – What Kind Of Leader Do You Want To Be?

Welcome to our new decade!

2020 – the year of ideal vision…I’m sure you’ve already been bombarded about how to start the year well, how to succeed, how to reach your goals, etc.

I had to google what ‘2020 vision’ actually means. I’ve heard it in different contexts from different organisations who wanted to meet certain goals by 2020. So, I thought it just means that.

Towards the end of last year, I finally looked it up and expected to see the specific goals to reduce world poverty etc.

However, I learned that it actually means to have ideal vision with clarity and sharpness (through your physical eyes). Source: http://bit.ly/2TkrLqr

Now, in the metaphorical sense, how good would it be to have ideal vision for the year of 2020 and beyond?

You might have a vision for different areas of your life…how you want your family to look like, your dream holidays, your team, your ideal business, etc.

I would like to ask you the question that is at the core of BEYOND Leadership Coaching

What kind of leader do you want to be?

What do you want to see when you look at your leadership skills, behaviour, habits?

And what do you see now?

The first step I would like to encourage you to take is to examine your core values.

What is really important to you as a leader/manager? And how are you outworking that in your day to day life?

Download my Leadership Value Finder here. You might have done a core value finder before, but this one is all about yourself as a leader or manager.

It’s a simple activity that helps you identify and define your core leadership values.

By looking at our core leadership values, we can transform ourselves as leaders and managers from the inside out.

We build our thoughts, habits and behaviours on our values.

They help us to make decisions, build better relationships with our people, and achieve higher performance goals.

Most organisations have defined their core values which supports their vision and helps create their culture. It benefits them to navigate their strategies, processes, and goal setting.

So why not adapt that for ourselves individually?

If our life were a house, our core values would be our foundation.

Our team and organisations will be better for it when we stick to our values in our decision-making, planning, delegating, motivating, etc.

What is the foundation of your leadership? What do you build your leadership on?

Here are my core leadership values on which BEYOND Leadership Coaching is built:

  1. Integrity.
    I aim to stay true to my word. Because I value integrity, I do as I say. I fulfil promises, and I intend to be trustworthy.
  2. Commitment.
    I am committed to my business, my clients, and the people I lead. I want the best for them and aim to provide excellent services and leadership to the people around me.
  3. Learning.
    I will keep learning new things because there is so much more to learn. Because I value learning, I have committed to read 20 books and listen to 15 audio-books this year. Learning helps me to stay engaged in my field and therefore serves my clients well.
  4. Creativity.
    I love being creative and inspiring creativity in others. I enjoy finding new ways of thinking, problem-solving and coming up with different strategies in leadership. Because I value creativity, I help my clients to achieve their goals often in new ways.
  5. Achievement.
    I like to achieve things and see my clients achieve beyond what they could have imagined. I am goal-oriented, energetic, and optimistic, especially for others. Because I value achievement, I keep my clients accountable and help them achieve what they aim for.

I hope this has been helpful.

Download my Leadership Value Finder here and define your own leadership values. Let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Friday!


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